Roku Channel Offerings


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Roku has over 350 entertainment channels available,
including hundreds of free movies.


With the Roku streaming player, you can easily watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, sporting events and other special programs on your television.  You can also listen to music, share photos and get news and weather information.

All of this enormous content is available through Roku Channels that automatically load when you turn on your player.

And, new channels are regularly being added, so you will have even more entertainment choices!


List of Roku Channels

This is just a sampling of some of the many channels currently available on the Roku streaming player device.  New channels, loaded with interesting and exciting content, are being added on a regular basis.

roku channel listings

Amazon Instant Video
Hulu Plus
Crunchy Roll
Lost World Films
Snag Films
Wealth TV

NHL Gamcenter Live
Major League Soccer
BYU Sports
NBA Game Time
Mediafly Sports

Racefans TV

Sail TV
Southeastern Conference Watch
The Spirit International Amateur Golf Tournament
Willow TV
College Sports

Pandora Internet Radio
Baeblo Music
Classical TV
Live 365
Mediafly MusicMP3 Tunes
Radio Paradise
Tune In Radio
Soma FM

News & Weather
Web TV
Photos & Video

Spiritual Fitness & Outdoors


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Some of the more popular Roku channels are:


Netflix Instant Watch Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries

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Netflix offers thousands of programs on its Instant Watch service and all of it is available to you on your home television screen with the Roku player.  A little known fact is that the Roku box was originally created and developed in conjunction with Netflix.  Thus, Roku was the first Netflix compatible device available on the market.

With Netflix, you have access to thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries.  With the Roku box, you can stream these shows instantly to your home television.  And finding movies is easy because you can search for these programs directly on your television screen.


Amazon Instant Video

amazon instant video imageAmazon has an amazingly large selection of movies, tv shows and documentary programs available for instant streaming to your home television.  There is no subscription fee to use Amazon Instant Video.  You simply pay for the program when you decide to watch it.  And, in many cases, Amazon will let you decide if you want to rent or buy the program.

Roku is one of the few media boxes that lets you stream Amazon Instant Video to your television set.  Not all Smart TV and internet-enabled media devices have links to Amazon Instant Video, which makes the Roku box an attractive and distinct option for this service.

If you would like to get an idea of what kinds of movies, TV shows and other programs you can order from Amazon Instant Video.


Hulu Plus

hulu plus imageHulu Plus is growing and will continue to grow in its offerings.  With Hulu Plus, you get access to more than 16,000 episodes from more than 400 current and classic TV shows.  Some of the more popular TV shows available through Hulu Plus are The Office, Family Guy, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, South Park, and more.

hulu plus tv shows

Some of the TV Shows available on Hulu Plus. There are over 400
current and classic TV shows available on Hulu Plus totaling
over 16,000 episodes.


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